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Clean garbage of system and softwares

Clean system garbage fully and other 1000 softwares' garbage, support softwares are still increased。

Registry Clean

Clean you registry garbage,and improve your system performance。


All kinds of tools to help uninstall software, delete plugins and optimize startup item.

Easy Ui

Just one click to scan and clean,then 1cclean can help you to increase disk space and improve your system performance.

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01. System Garbage

Clean system temp files and Recycle bin,Save your disk space,increase the speed of indexing files of your system.

02.Registry Clean

Clean your registry garbage left after you uninstall your softwares.


Uninstall software, delete Restore point,optimize startup items,all kinds of plugins in Explorer , internet explorer,Browser softwares,and scheduled task.


Support custmized folders and files to be deleted,monitor garbage files in background,and clean them at regular time.

05.Delete Privcy

Delete files left when you browser internet and information about your account and password entered in webpage by you.

04.Update automactically

Support prompting for download and automatically update on background.

Comments by Users

We received a lot of applause from uses after 1CClean is released.


“It's amazing this software can scan so much garbage but it's size is so small.”

from Lodon

“Just one file,no installation and any other settings,just one click and 1cclean will take care of all other things.The system garbage will totally be clean.”

From American

“This clean software can help clean all garbage on backgroung, this save me a lot of time.Thanks for it.”

A company administration

Advantages of 1cclean

One single file, support xp,vista,win7,win8 and win10.Small file size just 4.1M.Quick start up,find all kinks of system garbage.Support start at system startup,and clean on background.

Small size,full functionanity

One single file,file size is less than 5M.

Clean Garbage totally

Clean system garbage and other softwares up to 200 kinds.Support customized folders and files.

Easy UI

Under default settings, just one click,1cclean can help you scan all system garbage and software's garbage,the detailed information let you know which file is garbage.

Registry Clean

Clean registry garbage left by uninstalling software can help speed up your start process of system,and speed of software launching.


Uninstall tool help you quickly uninstall softwares,optimize startup items,and other tools to reomve plugins of explorer,internet explorers,so your system will run more quickly.


1cclean is very small and the startup speed is quick,just one file,no installation,no any other files.It's very convenien to use 1cclean to make your computer more faster and clean.

Update histroy

1CClean's update will not be stopped for ever,and will add more support for other software.

3 Optimize registry scan and clean

2017/2/1 21

optimize the scan algorithm and make 1cclean more accurate when scan reistry.


2 Optimize startup speed

2016/12/15 21

Optimize the speed of software startup,Time consuming is decreased to 1/10.


1 Initial release

2016/10/10 21

1CClean is released。