1CClean Studio

How did we start?

The members of the studio are all employees of the company in the technical forum , we are more love of technology, dream of doing a so that users around the world are willing to use and favorite software.

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The love of technology, the love of writing code, the high demand for software quality

With more than 10 years of experience in the development of software products, we have been on the quality of software development has a high demand for the use of software on the user experience has a very high pursuit. Our philosophy is to use a simple, powerful, like the software users think is good software.

Evaluation of the team

In the contact with our team after the customer evaluation of our very pertinent, but also always encourage us to continue to use high standards to move forward.


“In my touch of the team, 1CClean team's ability, basic skills, ideas openness gave me a very deep impression. When I meet the problem to consult with them, they are always in the first time to give me a very appropriate and accurate answer, very great.”

Shanghai IT company it manager

“1CClean team's ability to let me have a deep impression, some time ago my company's structure in the use of a new technology to change the request at a given price, the completion of efficient and reasonable structure, when I consult several Fame of the consulting firm did not get a satisfactory answer to the case, holding the lucky psychological to find a 1CClean team, They gave me the answer so I was very shocked, they let me understand the original understanding of the computer will make impossible to become possible。”

Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.

“1CClean high demand for software quality is very appreciated by me. The team's ability to solve problems and the software bug never slack off the spirit so that I give customers a perfect delivery. Thanks for the 1CClean team.”

Steve Jobs, Mailchimp.